my "new" shed.

so i finally sat down to figure out why my loom is making me very unhappy, and realized that i had put it together wrong. i bought my Toika Liisa from someone who was selling his dad's loom, and didn't have any instructions - the best we could do was label the pieces with masking tape. turns out that i should have also made a diagram of the tie-up structure.

i decided that today was the day. i was going to conquer the loom. and, with the help of organic apples and cinnamon oatmeal (yum!), i did.

it's amazing what a difference a shed makes to a girl's weaving happiness.

i'm going to finish my test pattern and then i think i'm off to weave. no idea what, but the fun shall begin. (again)


Blogger wenders said...

got a digital camera? i want to see pictures!

6:52 PM  

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