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A lovely day of wandering around Tokyo... and a cab ride that went a bit astray. Picture me trying to give directions to a cab driver who speaks not a word of English. Lovely few moments of switching back and forth between the map and the phrasebook - all while Mom is saying, "what is he saying?" and "what are you telling him?". He was really quite nice about it, though. Didn`t even mutter under his breath in Japanese. Probably went to find the nearest bottle of shoshu, though.

Prior to the cab ride from hell, we toured Tokyu Hands. Have I mentioned that I love this store?? It`s a combination of painting/scrapbooking/artist store, stationary store, Sur le Table, crafty stuff, and Home Depot. They carry everything you could possibly need to make anything in the world. I love it. Seriously could spend hours wandering around.

We also ventured into the Takeshimaya department store. Department stores in Tokyo are totally an experience. Neimans is the closest thing I can think of, but that doesn`t come close. They`re fantastic. Wonderful service, beautiful things, and they wrap everything. Of course, when they label your items in Japanese, it makes the wrapping kinda pointless. We`re going to have to break into the boxes to figure out what is what. But the thought is great.

Wenders, you`d seriously *love* this store. I think of you whenever I go in...

Currently babysitting wee G while his parents are at the company party. Had a fantastic play time follwed by a bit of whining. Discovered that if you feed him two bottles, he starts snoring pretty quickly. Not qute sure if he`s allowed to have two bottles, but it seemed like a better option than an hour of screaming.

Tomorrow we go to a Japanese children`s Christmas party... if I haven`t poisoned wee G, that is. Mama Cate, just how much do one year olds actually eat?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Potentially quite a lot. A one-year-old will tell you (in no uncertain terms) what he wants. Trust me. (eyes heavenward) The parents might want him eating more solids than liquids, but for one night it's unlikely to be an issue.

Sounds like a wonderful trip. Keep us posted.

10:12 AM  

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