mom's new addition

she's a hunter. and a cuddlebug.

house hunting is not going as well as daffy's faux mouse hunting. there are two possibilities, but nothing definate.

also, the amount of paperwork involved in getting a mortgage? Good grief. It's acutally easier to start a business. Seriously- the IRS gives you an EIN in five minutes. The bank wants your first born. Good lord.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just stopped by your page. I was googling for tennesse waltz quilts and found yours! I'm getting ready to do my first. I love the pattern. I love to do rag quilts and have done several others. This will be my first attempt! I watched them make it on simply quilts and am rushing out to get the templates.

Cute page, love reading all your stuff!



4:20 PM  
Blogger Dharia said...

yay gray stipey kitties!!

(i'm trying to get caught up on my 2411 unread blog subscriptions. eep.)

11:24 AM  

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