Baby Presents

So, it seems that people have very different ideas of appropriate baby shower presents.  I think that it should always be something for the mother.  The baby's getting enough stuff, and the mother is the one doing all the work.  I'm considering enrolling a friend of mine in a beer of the month club starting the day she stops breastfeeding, but I think a year of anticipation is cruel.  

R always buys a huge stuffed animal for the baby.  One was about 4 feet, but I've mananged to restrain her since then.  The current iteration is still larger than the baby, but more managable.  

My father believed in giving mobiles.  He was very irked that mobiles are designed for the adult's perspecitve, not the baby.  In other words, they're cute looking straight on, but when you're looking up, they're kinda boring.  He always picked mobiles that were interesting from the bottom. 


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