flour in my hair

for reasons surpassing understanding, i decided that today was baking day.

a chocolate cake with white chocolate icing (round, two layers)
a chocolate cake with white chocolate icing (sheet, to be decorated)
kentucky chess squares
lemon bars
congo squares
tomato sauce (not very flour-y, but still produced)

the cake (to be decorated) is going to be a red-white-and-blue affair for our neighbors... the thought of making a patriotic cake is almost more than i can handle. but it's what she wanted. lovely woman, but a bit too excited about the 4th. i'll post pictues of the final creation...


Blogger wenders said...

actually, you've inspired me. i am going to michael's saturday (or tomorrow night, it depends) to get cake stuff and to see if they have classes near me...and perhaps i'll make a red-white-and-blue cake, too. with clowns. seems approriate. . .

8:38 PM  

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