well, yesterday was an adventure into the world of japanese families. We went to a afternoon party of this Japanese mother`s group... Mostly foreign fathers. Interesting, but a bit exhausting. Wee G was *not* a fan of the crawling competition. On the upside, I did learn how to make a snail with my hands.

Mom and I wandered around, and then met K and Wee G at a lovely tempura restuarant in Shibuya. What`s interesting is that every department store has restaurants on the top floors and a grocery store in the basement. Generally, the grocery stores are very elegant affairs - kinda a Dean and Deluca. Although, D&D does exist here...

Off to a brunch. About to get in trouble for bewing slow.

Merry Christmas Eve from Tokyo...



Blogger Dharia said...

hey - I didn't know you were visiting them in Tokyo! I'm so out of the loop. you're probably gone now... but if you're still there give them all a big hug for me. Oh, and can you measure Wee G for me?? (head, neck, torso, arms, etc) i need to know exactly how big that boy is these days!

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