Peniche and a lackluster market

So, the guidebook had lovely things to say about this monthly market in Peniche, a small town that used to be an island. After discovering that the market was pretty much a flea market selling underwear and shoes, we wandered around town and explored the coast.

Really, really beautiful. You can see where the water receded in the 15th century and allowed access from the mainland.

We drove along the dirt coast road - there are some beautiful views and trails leading down to the water. Of course, I couldn't get near any of them - Mom had a panic attack every time I got close to the edge. There was whimpering...

And apparently some concern about lemmings jumping.

The bonus of the day was the "Auto-Road" - gotta love it. Limited access pay roads with a speed limit of 120 km/h. Of course, if you were silly enough to go 120, you were in serious danger of being road kill. 145 to 150 seemed to be acceptable, but I was still passed like I was standing still...



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