jus visiting blog land

haven't been in blog world for a while. My computer broke (grrrr to Dell) and I'm having a it of trouble getting Dell to deal with it. They seem to have the attitude that I'll just forget that my computer doesn't work...

Anyway, I've been very busy quilting. I've finished two in the last couple days , and I'm about to start a third. They're all small, though. I want a bigger project, and i haven't figured out what I want to do yet. Suggestions welcome.

Saw Odd Girl Out tonight - great band. Went with Meara to Ellicot City (suburbs of Balmore). It was an experience. Everyone was friendly and had really bad dye jobs.

It was great to hang withe Meara - I don't spend enough time with her, and I'm always glad when I do.

I must head off to bed now, but I'll try to be more prompt with my updating... don't hold your breath or anything.


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