wwjd in walmart...

today, a man sporting a "what would jesus do" polo shirt uttered the phrase, "jesus christ. why are the bananas so damn expensive?"

the 4-fs

i can't believe i actually remember this - much less am publicly admitting that I ever knew...

the rules state that the following are off limits:

* firsties (until Thanksgiving)
* floormates
* first-timers
* friends


tennessee waltzing

This is my latest quilt top, although the photo doesn't really show the colors. The pattern is a Tennesse Waltz, and I've wanted to make this quilte for eons. This one is a queen (or it will be once I add the borders, etc.)

My new quilting frame should be in sometime this week, and then I can start putting the quilts together. Right now, I have lots of quilt tops seeking batting and backing. And some love and patience.


the lamp

My parents eloped in 1964, at the age of 19. Ran off from their small Christian college for small Christians and found a Justice of the Peace. (Dad borrowed the $20 to pay the Justice of the Peace from his best friend.)

My paternal grandfather's only reponse was, "You can't possibly get married. You don't even own a lamp!"

Dad walked out of the house, grabbed a log off the wood pile, and made a lamp.

my new toy

Have I mentioned my new toy? And just how much I'm actually in love with it? I had no idea just how wonderful a quilting/sewing machine really could be... It's got fun accessories and room to play and all sorts of bells and whistles. (including this nifty little bar that lets you lift the presser foot with your knee!)

Apparently, quilting tradition holds that you have to name your machines, so I'm currently taking suggestions.


the "younger" lesbian speaks out

I met this fantastic woman while I was in college. I was her student worker, and she showed remarkable patience with me. Kinda took me under her wing and managed to dole out some pretty sane advice and reassurance that there was hope for the future. In fact, I'd go back to the dorms after work and spread the news that all hope wasn't lost... As wenders has pointed out, the "experienced" point of view was sadly lacking at our esteemed alma mater.

One afternoon, as she was assuring me that there was such a thing as a drama-free relationship, that ex-girlfriends didn't have to be your best friend, and that college lesbianism bore no resemblance to reality, I accidentally referred to her as an "older lesbian". In fact, the quote was something to the effect of, "It's really nice to have an older lesbian to talk to about this stuff."

I must say that this comment ranks up there for me on the foot in the mouth scale. Although, it was meant as a compliment/thank you to this very cool person who was providing me much needed sanity and perspective during a very traumatizing senior year. But, alas, there has been no end to the chaff I've taken over the years...

Cate and her fabulous partner Rhys showed me that there was hope for real life, babies, and all the good stuff. And have provided me with much-needed sanity on more than one occasion.

(In return, I explained what the 4 -f rule was, provided the campus gossip, and brought a whole new generation of MHC lesbians to catch the pearls of wisdom from the not-much-older-but much-wiser lesbian.)

Oh, and. I turn 29 next year.