flour in my hair

for reasons surpassing understanding, i decided that today was baking day.

a chocolate cake with white chocolate icing (round, two layers)
a chocolate cake with white chocolate icing (sheet, to be decorated)
kentucky chess squares
lemon bars
congo squares
tomato sauce (not very flour-y, but still produced)

the cake (to be decorated) is going to be a red-white-and-blue affair for our neighbors... the thought of making a patriotic cake is almost more than i can handle. but it's what she wanted. lovely woman, but a bit too excited about the 4th. i'll post pictues of the final creation...

tiger lily

my cat has developed this annoying habit of drinking out of water glasses. and, the ingenious cat that she is, she sticks her paw in glasses where the water's too low to drink.

this morning, her "fishing" for water resulted in her tipping over a glass of water - into my bed. with me in it. good morning!

anyone want a cat?


george's quilt

so, this is george's quilt. this was the first "real" quilt that I made - the first was actually a wedding present for george's parents. it was a learning experience. it turn out okay, but I don't think I saved any pictures.

the shed.

ask, and ye shall receive. pictures of "the shed":

my "new" shed.

so i finally sat down to figure out why my loom is making me very unhappy, and realized that i had put it together wrong. i bought my Toika Liisa from someone who was selling his dad's loom, and didn't have any instructions - the best we could do was label the pieces with masking tape. turns out that i should have also made a diagram of the tie-up structure.

i decided that today was the day. i was going to conquer the loom. and, with the help of organic apples and cinnamon oatmeal (yum!), i did.

it's amazing what a difference a shed makes to a girl's weaving happiness.

i'm going to finish my test pattern and then i think i'm off to weave. no idea what, but the fun shall begin. (again)

hello, new world.

I'm giving into peer pressure. No more resisting:

Welcome to my blog.