before sunrise

so i'm sitting here, finishing off a bottle of wine and watching a fantastic movie. it's pretty much all dialogue, but you should totally watch it. also 'before sunset', the sequel. both are really quite good. fafou turned me onto them. excellent.

anyone else secretly hoping that they win the ipod billion song thing? not that i actually think there's a chance. but, i do love to win things. even though i haven't actually won anytihng since the drawing for the wooden farm animal set in fourth grade. i gave it to my cousin for Christmas, but let me tell you. woo-hoo. party time.

for those who are curious, i have engaged a realtor. i'm so excited. you should be too, cause there will be a house at the beach that you can visit.


from the mouths of babes


guess she didn't know, after all.

over dinner tonight...

aunt jane: So, where did Whitney meet her husband?
me: Whitney met her fiancee in college.
aj: There were men at Mount Holyoke?
me: She's marrying a woman.
aj: (silence)
me: And there were men at MHC.
aj: It went co-ed?
me: No, but they were around...
aj: (silence)
aj: Whitney. little brown-haired Whitney?
me: Yeppers.
mom: Costa Rica Whitney.
me: her too.
aj: (silence)
aj: little whitney?
me: yeppers.
aj: (silence)


describe me...

so I like this concept:



a whole new take on movies...

two trailers you just have to see:

Sleepless in Seattle

Brokeback to the Future


Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Ex-Gay Cowboys