a thought from Aaron McGruder


mom's new addition

she's a hunter. and a cuddlebug.

house hunting is not going as well as daffy's faux mouse hunting. there are two possibilities, but nothing definate.

also, the amount of paperwork involved in getting a mortgage? Good grief. It's acutally easier to start a business. Seriously- the IRS gives you an EIN in five minutes. The bank wants your first born. Good lord.


the meatrix

from the animal rights community...



did they get reward points for iraq war?

original estimate: 1.7 billion dollars

current expenditures: 250 billion dollars

honest leadership: priceless



updates from the zoo..

Well, wee Desi has finally been ejected. One too many little presents.

All hopes are now focused on Daffodil. Mom informed her this evening that if she's really good, Mom will take her for her shots and get her fixed and declawed. What an incentive!

Tiger Lily is quite excited about my house shopping. Stay tuned... I might have found it!

poetry for the day.

"Manners" by Howard Nemerov from Trying Conclusions. © University of Chicago Press.


Prig offered Pig the first chance at dessert,
So Pig reached out and speared the bigger part.

"Now that," cried Prig, "is extremely rude of you!"
Pig, with his mouth full, said, "Wha, wha' wou' 'ou do?"

"I would have taken the littler bit," said Prig.
"Stop kvetching, then, it's what you've got," said Pig.

-------So virtue is its own reward, you see.
-------And that is all it's ever going to be.

a million ways

if you haven't seen this video, it's totally worth the bandwidth. There was also an NPR 'Story of the Day' podcast on it... quite amusing.